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The Child Safety Library, an online collection of digital information, is an extension of Doing Right By Our Kids, the website and research project created by child safety experts Irene van der Zande and Amy Tiemann, PhD. Irene van der Zande is the Founder and Executive Director of Kidpower, an international nonprofit organization that has taught personal safety skills to more than three million people worldwide, for more than 25 years. Dr. Amy Tiemann combines her perspectives and experiences as a neuroscientist, teacher, and parenting author, to become a unique catalyst for social change.

Doing Right By Our Kids and the research behind it are being developed into a book, to serve as a groundbreaking reference in the field of child advocacy and personal safety. This information is important and timely, with new headlines published daily about bullying, “stranger danger,” sexual abuse, and other harmful adverse childhood experiences, and issues of child safety and respect. Doing Right by Our Kids responds with concrete skills and solid organizational policies, with a positive perspective of “stranger safety” and realistic perspective that says “the safety rules apply to everyone.” Dr. Tiemann says, “We treasure the fact that most parents and leaders want to create safe environments for children, and with our resources in the Child Safety Library, we want to show you how, with a special focus on overcoming obstacles that might pop up along the way.”

Doing Right By Our Kids has developed a unique model that looks at “protecting child safety at all levels” of society. The resources in the Child Safety Library are organized according to this framework, starting with:

Chapter 1. Creating a Foundation of Child Safety

Chapter 2. Safety Comes From Within–Kidpower Tools for Protecting Our Children and Empowering Our Families, and

Chapter 3. Creating Safety Within the Inner Circle: Family, Friends, Neighbors, Babysitters.

Future reports will address the specific safety challenges associated with the youth-serving organizations in our lives, including K-12 schools, sports teams, worship communities and universities. Doing Right By Our Kids chapters are designed to help parents “manage up the ladder of change” to deal effectively with the organizations in their lives, and special resources for leaders such as school principals and coaches are also in development.

Dr. Tiemann and van der Zande are making their research, insights, guidance, and resources available in real time by subscription on this website, offering individual chapters as they become available.

For a limited time, the first three chapters of Doing Right by Our Kids are being made available for no cost through the Child Safety Library.